i make a lot of typos and dont bother fixing them (if you need a translation feel free 2 ask!) i also use emoticons a lot, i get annoyed at very insignificant things and i misinterpretate things accidentally, i lovemail (/p) my friends a lot! expect loads of affection coming from me, i can be a people pleaser and overly apologetic at times, my bad!

Using tone tags on me or any of my headmates is not necessary but feel free to do it if you wish! no they them pronouns at all, i don't mind introject twins at all so feel free to interact! no mentions of drowning at all, loud noises in vc aren't ok with me but i honestly couldn't give less of a shit at the same time.

dni endos, their supporters & endo neutrals, pro/comship, you fetishize mlm or wlw, dsmp/south park fans, you encourage delusions, you id with a problematic/gross source, basic dni criteria obv, use the term sysmed.